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A Look At The Most Popular Diets And Recipes

A diet is usually defined by the abstention from eating or drinking certain types of foods or drinks. A diet for a diabetic or hypertensive patient will differ from someone who wants to lose weight or detoxify. Year after year, scientifically led and fad diets alike have promoted weight loss, a healthy way of life, and general well being. Depending on the purpose of your diet the amount and composition of the nutrients and foods you ingest must be approached differently. If you have decided to change your eating habits either for health reasons or simply to lose weight, and you're finding it difficult to choose among the myriad of existing diets, below is a compilation of the most popular diets along with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert that fit your budget and the whole family will love. It is always advised to consult with your doctor before starting any new food regimen or incorporating any new supplements to your diet. You can also seek the help of an expert dietitian or nutritionist

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Importance Of A Good Diet

Besides fortifying the immune system and helping the body fight diseases and infections, a balance diet also reduces the risk of chronic diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure. Regular consumption of a balanced diet also regulates body weight, making sure you are not putting on weight that your body does not need. This also makes a balanced diet very effective in controlling the extremes of obesity and under nutrition. A good, well planned diet not only boosts the physical health but also improves and promotes mental health. The nutrients included in a balanced diet improve memory, accelerate mental function, strengthens the functioning of the brain and reduces the possibility of mental disorders

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