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Muladhara: The Root Chakra - First Chakra Color, Location, & stone

The root chakra can be found at the base of the spine, or the tailbone. When seated or standing, the root chakra is what links an individual to the ground; it essentially provides a root for a person to feel stable and secure in himself or herself. It acts to center an individual and is most often related to survival and personal identity. This chakra is additionally linked to a person’s overall health and security—including that of financial stability and freedom.

In Sanskrit, the root chakra is known as Muladhara. Literally translated, muladhara means “root support”. It is associated with the color red—a pulsing, bold, blood red. Its shape symbol is a square and it is often depicted as having four petals. Chakra practitioners believe that the root chakra represents an individual’s survival mode and state of groundedness.

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To active the root chakra, an individual should embrace the belief “I am Here”. This statement (whether spoken aloud or repeated in the mind) both encourages an individual to recognize their current physical surroundings as well as his or her spiritual surroundings. Doing so then allows an individual to embrace where he or she is and begin contemplating where it is they would like to go.

To help tune into this chakra, the musical note of C should help. The mantra and/or sound associated with the root chakra is LAM and RA. If you have self-diagnosed or worked with a chakra healer to discover that a blockage exists around the root chakra, then engaging in music therapy and mantras can help to begin addressing the energy blockage.

This chakra is also associated with a person’s sense of smell. Particular scents can support the root chakra including cedar, clove, sandalwood, and patchouli. Such scents may be diffused into the air via a diffuser or with incense. Essential oils can be of great help when supporting chakras through the olfactory system. These oils can be applied to the skin when diluted with a base oil or washed with laundry to infuse the scent into clothes all day long.

Several gemstones are also linked with the root chakra. Gemstones with a strong red presence are ideal. Bloodstone, garnet, and ruby are among the favorite gemstones to support this energy center. Gemstones obviously need not be worn in this particular area, but can be worn on the body or simply present in a room during meditation. They should be placed close to the body or within a specific line to vision to help the body focus on the energy from the gemstones to support the chakra point.

Two astrological signs are associated with the root chakra: Capricorn and Aquarius. The planets relevant to Muladhara are the Earth and Saturn. Earth is additionally the element most closely in tune with this chakra. The root chakra is also linked to the power of gravity. This should come as no surprise since it is gravity that “roots” us all to the earth.
Strong animals, including the bull, ox, and elephant are linked to the root chakra. While such animals can be stubborn, they are also strong and often wise.

If the energy of the root chakra becomes blocked, several possible physical side effects could arise. Root chakra blockages may result in weight gain, regular constipation, and joint issues including arthritis. Hemorrhoids may also occur. Several remedies for a blockage in this energy stream exist. First, yoga balancing poses may be particularly helpful. As the root chakra works to root the body, poses such as tree, dancer, and eagle can be very beneficial to creating a positive energy flow.

Seated positions, such as lotus, can be extremely helping in grounding the root chakra and helping it open for maximum energy flow. Second, connecting with nature is an excellent avenue to supporting this chakra. Leave all technology and the stresses of life behind and enjoy a long walk in nature—barefoot if you can! Go kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boarding. Really notice your surroundings and how everything connects. Doing so may help you realize your place and purpose.

A clear root chakra can help an individual to achieve true stillness in life. Achieving stillness can ultimately lead to a clear mind, allowing an individual to make informed, intelligent decisions. Such decisions can then positively affect a person’s health, wealth, and interactions with others.

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