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Svadhisthana: The Second Chakra - Sacral Chakra Color, Location, & stone

Located above the root chakra, the sacral chakra is important to an individual’s sexual and emotional health. This chakra is linked to a person’s emotional well-being; it can influence sexual desire as well as imagination. A blocked sacral chakra can impede both how a person sees himself or herself as well as how others perceive him or her.

The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Svadhisthana, which translates to mean sweetness. In other words, this chakra is the sweet spot — literally and physically. While some philosophies may shy away from sexuality, this particular philosophy does not. In fact, it recognizes the importance of healthy, consensual, and fulfilling sexual experiences to fuel the sacral chakra.

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The color closely associated with this chakra is a bright orange. The sacral chakra is often symbolized using a pyramid. It is linked to six petals as well. This chakra can be located on the lower abdomen. Chakra practitioners believe that it represents an emotional mode and a state of feeling. Hosting a clear, sacral chakra allows an individual to be aware and in control of their emotions at all times; such an individual has a healthy relationship with their emotions and is able to act instead of react to others.

To activate this chakra, an individual should invoke the phrase “I feel…” when thinking or speaking. The goal is to clearly convey the correct emotions one is feeling to oneself or another person. Being able to clearly identify and accept emotions allows a person to then communicate what he or she needs. Doing so can not only help a person realize true desires, but it can also unlock and support the imagination.

Supporting this chakra can be done through sound; sound reverberations can powerfully affect the energy centers of the body. The musical note D helps to tune into this chakra. For those who would prefer invoking a mantra or repeating a particular sound, the mantra “Vam” or the sound “MA” would help to support or unblock the sacral chakra.
This chakra point is additionally linked to the sense of taste. Taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate flavors is one step to strengthening this chakra.

In addition to sounds and tastes, certain scents can assist this chakra as well. Smells that can activate this chakra include ylang-ylang and sandalwood. These scents may be diffused into the air, worn as a perfume or oil, or even added to the laundry cycle to infuse clothes in order to keep the scent with you all day long. Incense is a traditional conduit to connect with smells; flowery incense sticks such as rose or gardenia may be additionally helpful in supporting the sacral chakra.

Certain gemstones can also support this key chakra point on the body. Both carnelian and moonstone are very helpful in connecting with and clearing this chakra. Such gemstones may be worn on the body or placed strategically in a room or meditation space. If the gemstone is not in contact with the skin, then it should be a focal point close by to help center the mind and body.

Astrologically speaking, the two signs most closely related to this chakra are Sagittarius and Pisces. The moon is the planet that best aligns with this chakra. Elementally, water is linked to the sacral chakra. Both drinking water and immersing oneself in water can help to balance an unbalanced energy within this energy point. As water is the element linked to this chakra point, it should come as no surprise that animals associated with this chakra include fish and all sea creatures. Both looking at images and interacting with these animals can strengthen this energy center.

A highly functioning sacral chakra can result in the power of magnetism. Achieving such power can result in supportive relationships and conquering addictive behaviors. It can also result in highly satisfying sexual experiences. A poorly functioning sacral chakra may physically manifest itself as lower back pain and urinary tract issues, such as urinary tract infections. Other physical issues could include bladder and kidney issues as well. Blocked sacral chakras may result in emotional imbalances instead of physical issues. Such emotional imbalances could include additive behaviors, possessiveness, and an inability to connect with oneself or others.

To go about supporting or unblocking the sacral chakra, yoga is an excellent first step. Tantric yoga is highly recommended. Specific poses to help balance this chakra point include triangle, plough, and butterfly. Additional activities could include immersion in open water; this could including boating or swimming.

Many chakra healers also recommend being fully present in moonlight for an extended period of time. Other activities include sex and dancing; activities that focus on this body region are ideal for focusing the mind and body’s energy into this chakra.

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