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Vishuddha: The Fifth Chakra - Throat Chakra Color, Location, & stone

The throat chakra can be found at the center of the throat; physically, it is located where the Adam’s apple can be found. This particular chakra’s ability exists to enhance a person’s creativity and ability to clearly connect with others through meaningful communication. This chakra is represented as a circle within a triangle within a larger circle surrounded by sixteen smaller petals.

The throat chakra is depicted as being a rich, energetic blue color. The Sanskrit word for this chakra is Vishuddha, and this word can be translated to mean purification. A highly functioning throat chakra allows an individual to connect with others on a pure and meaningful basis.

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The throat chakra has the ability to enhance an individual’s communication and creativity. The state of this particular chakra is evolved communication. To activate this chakra, speak or think the phrase “I speak and am heard”; this particular phrase invokes the communication aspect of the throat chakra. Regularly checking in with this chakra can help individuals not only strengthen their communication with themselves, but others as well.

Several aspects can help a person become more in tune with this particular chakra. Chakra experts believe that the musical note G can help to activate the throat chakra. Sounding a bell or chime, or playing a recording of G notes can assist an individual in tuning into this chakra. Mantras and sounds are additionally helping in focusing the mind to the throat chakra. The mantra “Ham” and the sound of “se” are the best vocalizations for this chakra according to chakra practitioners.

Because the throat chakra is linked to heightening an individual’s ability to communicate, the sense associated with this chakra is hearing. This sense involves both the ability to clearly hear one’s own needs as well as listening to what others are saying.

Several scents can assist an individual in attuning to the throat chakra. The scents of sage and eucalyptus can help to clear the mind and allow one to focus on clearly communicating. These scents may be used by diffusing them into the air or by using essential oils dabbed on the skin or focal objects in the room.

In addition to scents, there are several gemstones that can help to open the throat chakra as well. Gemstones including aquamarine, tourmaline, and turquoise can all assist the throat chakra in performing at its best. These blue hued gemstones may be worn on the body to channel energy towards the throat chakra, placed over the chakra itself it help in balance, or placed nearby as focal points during meditation.

The metal closely associated with this particular chakra is mercury. Two astrological signs, Virgo and Gemini link closely with this chakra as well. The planets that best support the throat chakra are Mercury and Neptune. The element that best aligns with this chakra is sound; however some chakra practitioners also support the element of ether being able to help energy flow freely in this energy point.

Chakra practitioners often associate the body parts that assist in communication with the throat chakra: the throat, neck, arms, and hands are all key aspects in strengthening this chakra. As this particular chakra aids in communication, any body part that plays a part in communicating can positively (or negatively) affect this chakra point.

If a person experiences a blocked throat chakra, he or she may experience physical issues relating to hearing issues, sore throats, laryngitis, and the common cold. Several emotional issues may rear their ugly heads as well including experiencing the inability to communicate, extreme shyness, and difficulty experiencing emotions.

Once the throat chakra is unblocked, a person may experience a flood of creativity. In addition to abundant creativity, an individual with a highly functioning throat chakra will also be able to express themselves fully and harness an envious eloquence of speech. The ultimate goal is to experience connection with oneself and with others.

So how can a person work to unblock a throat chakra? Great question! Getting in touch with the throat’s power is the first step. Chakra experts recommend singing and humming as well as chanting. Cathartic yelling may additionally help a blocked or sluggish throat chakra. Mantra yoga may also help. Poses that stretch the neck are particularly beneficial including shoulder stand, plough, camel, and fish. Experiencing nature can also help to cleanse and strengthen the throat chakra.

Since this chakra is linked to a rich blue color, naturally blue scenes such as the ocean or a lake can help to bolster this particular chakra. Sky searching would also be helpful; take some time to play the cloud game and stare at the sky for a long period of time.

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