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Ajna: The Sixth Chakra - Third Eye Chakra Color, Location, & stone

This is perhaps the most famous of all the chakras. The third eye chakra can be found in the center of the head right between the eyebrows. It exists at the top of the nose, nestled in the front of the skull. This particular chakra point is renowned for bestowing clarity upon those that nourish it. Coveted life skills such as insight and intuition are additionally associated with this chakra.

The third eye chakra is linked to the color indigo. This deep purple reflects the spiritual nature of this key chakra point. In Sanskrit, this chakra is called Ajna, which translates closely to mean perception. A highly functioning third eye chakra can assist an individual in making the best possible decisions confidently. A nourished third eye chakra can additionally help an individual to see all the moving parts in a problem and identify the best solution to swiftly resolve the issue.

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The mode of this chakra is intuition along with imagination. According to chakra experts, seeing is the state attributed to this point. To encourage action, a person can say “I See” to have things clearly present themselves. By uttering this phrase, an individual invokes the power of the third eye chakra and can begin to understand what needs to happen in order to accomplish a goal or plan.

In order to ensure that the third eye chakra is working at maximum benefit, there are several things an individual can do to support this energy point. First, sound vibrations can help to open and increase energy flow through the chakra point. The musical note of A is linked to the third eye chakra. Either humming this note or playing in on a bell or other instrument can help strengthen this chakra center. Additionally, the sound “so” can help to get energy flowing freely.

Chakra experts also recommend using the mantra of “Ksham” to activate this key chakra center. Using mantras while meditating can be a wonderful experience for opening chakras. A meditation space should be free from both clutter and distractions; try to make such a space free from other noises as well so the senses can focus exclusively on the mantra or sound.

Another way to support the third eye chakra is through scents. Aromatic smells such as mint and vanilla can wake this particular chakra and assist this energy center in functioning optimally. Chakra practitioners also recommend scents including aniseed and star anise. These scents may be infused into the air with the help of diffuser or applied to the skin as a perfume or essential oil. Remember: when using essential oils, these oils should be mixed with a base oil before being applied to the skin.

Several gemstones can help to open this chakra point as well. Gemstones with purple hues are most effective. Purple stones such as quartz, indigo sapphires, and lapis lazuli can all help this chakra. When selecting gemstones, choose ones with the most indigo-like colors; this will help the gemstone connect with the chakra point. The gemstones may be worn as jewelry, placed onto the chakra point, or placed in the room close to the body within focal sight. Gemstones are ideal during meditation to help center the mind.

Astrologically speaking, the signs of Cancer and Leo are most closely linked to this chakra point. Silver is the metal that supports the third eye chakra, while Jupiter is the planet that best supports this chakra. As the third eye chakra is associated with wisdom and insight, the owl is the animal that best links to it. Elementally, light is the element that strengthens this chakra.

While other chakra points are connecting to one of the five senses, the third eye chakra connects to the sixth sense. Chakra experts believe that the sixth sense allows individuals to better tune into the universe and find enlightenment. Harnessing the power of this energy point can help an individual fully realize their imagination as well as their ability to tap into endless wisdom. Intuition should skyrocket as well, helping a person not only more fully connect with others, but also with the world at large.

The forehead is the body part most associated with the third eye chakra. Blocked or low energy at this body point can result in both physical and emotional issues. Physical issues could range from headaches and eye problems to forgetfulness and seizures. Emotional issues can manifest as passive aggressiveness and nightmares. Working to support the third eye chakra can eliminate these issues as a person works toward achieving a vast, universal knowledge.

To work through an energy blockage or heighten the function of this chakra, an individual has several available options. First, meditation can be extremely useful in focusing attention on the third eye and helping to open this energy spot. Chakra experts also recommend color therapy such as adult coloring books.

Yantra yoga may additionally be helpful. Yoga poses including headstand and corpse can help the energy flow better through the third eye chakra. Experiences out in nature can be beneficial as well including star gazing in the nighttime sky.

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