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Sahasrara: The Seven Chakra - Crown Chakra Color, Location, & stone

The crown chakra is perhaps the most important chakra of the seven energy centers on the body. It can be found at the top of the head, at the highest point on the body. This particular chakra is responsible for connecting the individual with the universe. It represents a person’s ability to channel ultimate wisdom and gain spiritual enlightenment. Chakra practitioners with a highly functioning crown chakra often experience a strong sense of unity with all other beings. The Dali Lama exists as an example of an individual with a nourished and clear crown chakra.

This key chakra is represented by the color violet. This rich purple color reflects the spiritual nature of this chakra. In Sanskrit, the crown chakra is called Sahasrara, which translates closely to mean “thousandfold”. This translation links to the enlightenment one feels when he or she begins to experience the world as it is without any veils. This chakra is often symbolized by a lotus; it is typically drawn with 1000 petals.

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Chakra experts share that the crown chakra improves the mode of knowledge and understanding. The state an individual can achieve with an unblocked crown chakra is oneness with the universe. To achieve this state fully, the action to take is the phrase “We are, we know”. Achieving a state of oneness begins to break down the boundaries that exist between people and things, which in turn solidifies the connections that exist between all living things.

There are several ways to help get in touch with the crown chakra. Sounds can play an important role in opening this chakra point and facilitating the flow of energy through it. The musical note of B is closely associated with opening this chakra. The sound of “gn” can additionally help to open energy center. The mantra of “Om”, perhaps the most famous mantra, is the one experts recommend to support the crown chakra. Sounds are most effective when there are no other distracting sounds in the room. For optimum results, try incorporating these recommended sounds during meditation to focus the mind.

In addition to sounds, scents can also support this key chakra center. The smells of the flowers, specifically the lotus and the rose, can help to activate and cleanse this chakra point. These scents may be infused into the air with the help of a diffuser or worn on the body as a perfume or an essential oil. It’s important to remember that essential oils should always be diluted with a carrier oil such as almond oil when applied to the skin. A dab of these scents on clothes or pillows can also be helpful in supporting the crown chakra.

Other things can support the crown chakra as well such as gemstones and metals. Gemstones including diamonds and amethysts can help to support this energy highway. These gemstones can be worn as jewelry, placed on the chakra point to channel energy, or put in a meditative space to help focus the mind. The metal most linked to this energy point is gold.

Because of the crown chakra’s importance, it is linked to all astrological signs. The planets most closely associated with this chakra are Uranus and the wider universe. As a highly functioning chakra, the crown chakra can connect an individual to the greater cosmos; therefore, the entire universe can help to support this vastly important energy center.

The power of this chakra exists in its ability to allow an individual to achieve true enlightenment. It is associated with the element of thought; the old adage “I think therefore I am” could apply specifically to this chakra point. Once a person becomes in tune with the crown chakra, he or she often experiences a heightened sense of spirituality, general harmony with all life, and a clear knowledge about the universe and how it works.

Such benefits can be hampered by a blocked crown chakra. An individual may experience both physical and emotional issues if energy cannot flow freely. Physical issues may manifest as depression, headaches, and sclerosis. Emotional issues may range from antisocial behaviors to apathy towards friends, family, and professional interests.

To unlock the crown chakra, practitioners recommend a variety of activities focused on this area of the body. Meditation is a key resource as is energy work such as reiki. Head massages may be beneficial in improving energy flow to this chakra as well. Jnana yoga could additionally support the crown chakra. Specific poses, which focus energy to this area are ideal; poses such as headstand and lotus should be added to a daily practice.

Many chakra experts also believe that natural scenery can help to open chakras as well. Specifically for the crown chakra, which connects an individual to the vast universe, mountain tops provide ideal natural scenery as they themselves reach toward the heavens.

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