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How Quantum Touch Therapy Works | History & Health Benefits

What is Quantum Touch Energy Healing Therapy? Quantum touch therapy is a form of energy healing that works with the body’s life force energy (LFE) to ensure that you are at in optimum wellness. In Chinese, the life force energy is also referred to as qi, while in Sanskrit this is “prana”. These terms relate to the pathways of energy that flow throughout the body, which is needed for all living things to survive.

Through Quantum touch therapy you can learn how to direct and amplify this energy for the purpose of healing and improved well-being. Quantum touch is used to treat a wide range of illnesses such as organ balancing, muscle aches, back and joint pain, burns,  and more.

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How Quantum Touch Therapy Works

Quantum touch therapy uses the LFE to promote healing. The techniques used in quantum touch therapy are used to amplify the LFE by combining body awareness exercises with breathing methods. The use of the LFE is effective in healing because of entrainment and resonance, 2 principles that are derived from physics. Entrainment theory is when two vibrating objects that are vibrating at different speeds begin to vibrate simultaneously when there is energy transference between both objects. The principle of entrainment is evident in many bodies of science such as biology, chemistry, neurology, and medicine among others.

Through quantum touch techniques it is possible to increase your body’s frequency or the LFE. Placing high energy on a part of the body that is suffering from pain or illness will enable the body to entrain higher frequency and thus giving the body a renewed ability to heal itself. In fact the body is already born with the capability to heal itself but quantum touch therapy is used to facilitate and maximize it since negative energies such as issues with the mind, body, and spirit hinder the self-healing process. Body awareness and breathing exercises foster healing because it increase the flow of life force energy within the body.

Quantum touch therapy treats the root cause of the illness so that real, natural healing can occur. It does not just work on healing the symptoms unlike conventional medicine. Quantum touch works with the goal of bringing the body back to its 100% whole state and optimal conditions. Many people have reported success stories after undergoing quantum touch therapy. Varying degrees of success have been reported with patients struck with cancer, pain, liver problems, eyesight, and more. However it should be noted that quantum touch will not claim to heal any illness, the effectiveness of a healing process will depend greatly on the individual’s capabilities for self-healing and the results will always differ with each patient.

Only a very gentle and light touch is used in quantum therapy; it is through the hands that the practitioner passes on high vibrational energy on the affected area which then results in a healing process for the recipient. In fact the process of quantum touch therapy is able to provide healing for both the patient as well as the practitioner. Through the unique body awareness and breathing exercises found in quantum touch techniques, the practitioner is empowered with an extremely high vibration that is strong enough to influence the life force energy of the recipient who is in need of healing.

This is why unlike other energy healing modalities, quantum touch therapy practitioners don’t feel drained after a session. In fact it is common that they actually feel energized and revived after healing. At the end of it all, it is the cells that undergo healing and because of the high vibrational frequency provided by the practitioner to the recipient, the body’s cells have just the right optimal environment to ensure that healing happens.

Quantum touch differs from other forms of energy healing because it doesn’t use any hand positions, attunements, or symbols. It is simply a matter of active breathing  and body awareness techniques during the entire procedure. There is no need to wait for the energy to arrive since it is the practitioner’s responsibility to bring it in.

Quantum touch therapy is meant to be used as a complimentary form of pain management that is intended to address the actual cause of pain. It works very well in combination with other energy healing modalities although it is just as effective on its own. 

Quantum touch has been studied in clinical settings and has also been used in operating rooms as well as hospitals around the world. Many surgeons, doctors, and physicians even endorse it because quantum touch is a safe and natural way to reinstate the body’s natural healing processes.

Anyone can learn how to do quantum touch therapy, and is considered by many as one of the easiest energy healing modalities to learn. Depending on how much a person wants to learn, there are many resources where they can seek out knowledge and training to become a quantum touch therapy healer.

Benefits of Quantum Touch

  • Works well with babies, animals, and humans under anesthesia
  • Works rapidly with inflammation
  • Emotional as well as psychological conditions are resolved easily
  • Can induce sleep and meditation

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