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What Is & How Polarity Therapy Works? History, Principles, and Uses

What is Polarity Therapy? Polarity therapy is a form of holistic healing which combines ancient medical knowledge together with modern advancements in medicine. Research shows that healthy human life is dependent on electromagnetic forces, also known as the life force energy, prana, or chi. This energy is said to be the cause and solution to our life’s afflictions whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

If the life force is damaged or affected this can manifest in our lives through the presence of illness, disease, stress, anxiety, financial problems, and other imbalances. Polarity therapy is designed to help patients regain balance in their life force energy, by improving the overall flow of energy. Polarity therapy is used by health professionals around the world.

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History of Polarity Therapy

Dr. Randolph Stone is responsible for the development of Polarity therapy as we know it today. Dr. Stone is an osteopath who took it upon himself to study different healing traditions from around the world and after a lifetime of studying he discovered that all traditional healing systems have a common denominator: a foundation based on energy. Although he studied healing systems from around the world, those that had the strongest influence on him came from Ayurveda, Egypt’s ancient Hermetic philosophy, and Chinese medicine.

Dr. Stone then combined his knowledge of all the traditional systems with his experience in naturopathic healing, osteopathy, and chiropractic to develop Polarity therapy. Today, Polarity therapy is a completely unique and modern approach to healing that is made up of various components including energetic nutrition, self-awareness, exercise, and therapeutic bodywork. There are many things that set Polarity therapy apart from other forms of medicine and healing but one of its defining characteristics is that it believes in Love as the foundation of all healing processes.

Principles of Polarity Therapy

Polarity therapy can be viewed as the model from which all other energy healing processes are founded on. Its two primary components are: 3 principles of energy movement; and the 5 elements.

The 3 Principles of Energy Movement

The 3 principles of energy movement refers to the energy dynamics in any kind of function in any living system. These 3 principles are namely: positive, negative, and neutral energy charges. In Chinese medicine, these forces are referred to as yang, yin, and tao respectively. In biodynamics, these 3 principles are also referred to as space, structure, and potency.

As an example of how these principles are used in a polarity therapy session, observing how a client’s problem affects their life, a practitioner will study how the negative aspect and the function of inertia is at work when assessing the patient’s life. Practitioners will also ask questions about positive principles of energy can be accommodated in their lives, such as the capacity to change and how strong a fluid drive is.

The Five Elements

Just like with other traditional forms of healing, polarity therapy also has a foundation of five elements. When energy moves in the field which is moved by the 3 principles, energy also moves in a series of phases which are referred to as the 5 elements. These elements also refer to the features of the process as well as energy. These can also refer to states of energy, matter, and consciousness.

In polarity therapy, these 5 elements interact with the three poles in one’s biofield. The positive pole is located in the diaphragm on top of one’s head, the negative pole is located in the perineum and hip joints and goes down all the way to the bottom of the feet; and the neutral pole runs from the diaphragm to the pelvic floor. When energy moves around these three poles as well as in the body, they follow the principles described in energy movement and then each element will establish relationships that are positive, negative, or neutral.

The elements help create a harmonious relationship among the biofield’s 3 poles. Additionally, each element will also behave in a unique way which results in a specific issue each time it’s out of balance. During the bodywork process for polarity therapy, it is usually required to use the hands to connect two areas that are governed by a specific element. The approach of polarity therapy is to restore the balance by connecting energy harmonics. Connections are made through the 3 poles located throughout the body so that energy is encouraged to circulate, then balancing itself on the entire field.

How Polarity Therapy Works

Practitioners of polarity therapy are trained to look deeper than the symptoms presented by the patient since oftentimes these are not the real causes of the disease. Practitioners usually begin a session by analyzing the patient’s history in order to identify any possible imbalances. This procedure alone can take up to 90 minutes. The process also involves some bodywork which helps practitioners determine if there are any energy imbalances.

The structural assessment made by therapists usually requires that the patient removes their outer clothing. The rest of the bodywork can be done while the patient is fully clothed. There are many techniques involved in the bodywork which are usually gentle procedures. Some of these are similar to the techniques used in reflexology but others are derived from chiropractic and osteopathy. Deep and light touches may be used but never anything that is too forceful. This is why bodywork tends to be very relaxing for the patient, enabling the release of emotions such as laughter or tears.

Sometimes a practitioner will advise the patient to do some dietary changes that is required to help balance out the energy on various levels. Toxins from food and environmental pollutants can cause disruptions in one’s life force energy and thus the patient may be asked to go on a cleansing or detoxifying diet.

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