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How Tong Ren Therapy Works | History & Health Benefits

Tong Ren therapy is a part of the Tom Tam Healing System, which are methods of energy healing. In Chinese, the word Tong means bronze and Ren refers to human. The literal translation of Tong Ren is “bronze human”. In 1023 AD during the Sung Dynasty, Emperor Ren Zhong Sung commissioned the doctors of the empire to write a medical document about The New Bronze Man’s Points of Acupuncture Diagram and Note.

A doctor by the name of Wang Wei-y designed the acupuncture bronze man. Four years later, two bronze figures of men were created, and these identical figures were named Tong Ren. It was created to commemorate the pioneers of traditional Chinese medicine for their contribution to the world.

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How Tong Ren Therapy Works

Tong Ren is based on the philosophy that illness is caused by blockages in the body’s flow of chi, blood, hormones, or neural bioelectricity. These blockages are commonly found around the spine which affects the functions of the central nervous system. Tong Ren therapy aims to remove these blockages by using the unconscious so that the body can be restored to its natural self-healing capabilities. The principles behind Tong Ren combine western medicine and science such as the information found in anatomy as well as physiology together with the ancient eastern concept of chi which also refers to one’s life force energy. These two combined create a revolutionary energy healing modality.

The “collective unconscious” used in Tong Ren therapy is actually derived from a Jungian theory. Through Tong Ren, energy from a universal source is tapped into and then redirected to the patient who needs healing. No physical contact is necessary in a Tong Ren session and because of this, distance healing sessions are usually conducted.

In a Tong Ren session, the practitioner utilizes an anatomical model of a human to represent energetic points on the patient. Using a light magnetic hammer, the practitioner then taps on certain points on the figure which is meant to pinpoint actual locations of energy blockages on the patient’s body. Through tapping, the practitioner is able to break down resistance, and promote the natural flow of chi, hormones, and bioelectricity which brings healing.

Tong Ren is increasing in popularity around the world as more people are seeing the efficacy of this energy healing modality. Many different patients are healed through Tong Ren from a wide range of illnesses that include serious and chronic disease. Each practitioner has a unique way of conducting their therapy and while the treatment is known to be effective it is one of the most inexpensive forms of energy healing.

There are 4 different techniques involved in Tong Ren Therapy:

Magnetic Hammer: The magnetic hammer method is a way of stimulating blockages on the anatomical figure of the human. This technique is easy enough for anyone to learn since no serious training is required. The magnetic hammer technique is the most common used in Tong Ren therapy particularly for group healing sessions.

Laser Beam: Instead of a magnetic hammer, a practitioner would use a laser beam to point blockages on the anatomical doll. The laser beam is meant to represent heat or the accumulation of chi to direct radiation on a tumor which is similar to the radiation procedure conducted in hospitals. This technique is used to heal tumors using the laser beam since it is pointed to areas where the tumor is located. Aside from healing tumors, the laser beam technique is also ideal for positively charging one’s energy in order to combat the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. The laser beam is always used on only one location at a time. On certain occasions a practitioner or patient may request to use more than one laser beam to be pointed at the figure at the same time.

Pins: The pin technique of Tong Ren therapy is one of the older methods and is not as commonly used as the first two. It involves the application of pins directly on the doll following a medical chart. This was the only technique available during the early days of Tong Ren however the laser beam and magnetic hammer techniques were developed later on due to political and legal reasons. Some states in the United States consider it illegal to put pins on a doll even if it is acupuncture needles. The pins are left on the doll for around 25 minutes just like an actual acupuncture session. However, acupuncturists do not normally make use of the Tong Ren pin technique even if they are similar in nature.

Discing: The Tong Ren discing technique requires 3 people to participate, all of whom form the collective unconscious and the collective conscious. It is said that the discing method is much more effective and powerful than other techniques although each method cannot take the place of another since they all have their own purpose. The Tong Ren discing technique is ideal for those who are suffering from cancers and tumors. The disc or dish is used as a tool in this technique although a teacup, or small saucer may be used. The disc is then placed on the doll’s ouch point, but it can also be placed directly on the patient. The practitioner will then put two fingers on the disc; after the disc is used on the tumor, it is then placed on the spinal area to remove blockages. The disc tends to move at certain times during the therapy although there are several theories that may be used to explain the movement. According to the principles of Tong Ren therapy, the movement is caused by the collective conscious or unconscious.

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