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What is "Tai Sabaki" - What does it mean?

Tai Sabaki (体捌き) is the name given to shifting your body position during the attack of your opponent. Tai sabaki is related to "ashi sabaki" (footwork) and "te sabaki" (handwork). It is comprised of techniques of evasion or approachment.

Tai Sabaki sometimes refers to the combination of two very important basic movements: Irimi (入り身) and Tenkan (転換). This movement can be either a jump, a full step, or a sliding side step. This can be used to either break the attack, or create enough space to counter attack your opponent.

Tai Sabaki is a term from Japanese Martial Arts, and is very important in kendo, jujutsu, aikido, judo, karate and ninjutsu training. One way to use it is by moving with the momentum of an attack so your attacker loses leverage to finish its attack, which requires harmony rather than physical strength.

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