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List Of Oils, Butters, And Dairy Products With Their Health Benefits And Nutrition Facts

list of butters, oils, and diary products with their health benefits and nutrition facts

About Oils, Butters, And Dairy Products

Butter is a solid dairy product prepared from fresh milk from cows and other dairy animals like goats, buffalo and sheep. It is used for different purpose like toasting breads, sauteing vegetables, baking, making sauces, and pan flying. Butter may have health benefits when included in the diet. Butter contains saturated fats with strong anti-cancers properties. Although it should be used in moderation, since rechearch show that too much saturated fats can be detrimental to heart health. They are other types of butter such as nuts butters, and vegetable oil spreads that are not derived from dairy. Another very, and some may argue, more beneficial spead and dip used as a condiment and frying base, are oils. there are many types of oils that are derived from nuts, seeds, vegetables and olives. they all provide essential fatty acids that are needed to sustain a healthy diet. Below is a list of butters, oils, and spreads with their nutritional contents.

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