Popular Vegetarian Recipes - Healthy & Easy Vegan Dinner, Breakfast, and Supper Dishes

Vegan recipes

Vegan Recipes

Many vegan recipes are both delicious and easy to prepare! In the beginning, you may need to invest in a few ingredients you don’t have and aren’t familiar with. Remember: nearly all your favorite recipes can be made with vegan substitutes. For example, eggs can be replaced with soaked chia seeds! Now your favorite baked goods will contain less cholesterol and more amino acids and antioxidants than ever before, all while tasting delicious. Many vegan recipes simply replace traditional foods with plant based versions. Spaghetti noodles made from eggs may be replaced with noodles created from spaghetti squash or zucchini. Remember: just keep an open mind! While you’re bound to encounter a few new recipes you don’t care for, you’ll likely encounter more that you do. Here are a few vegan recipes to get you started.

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