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What Are The Seven Chakras

The 7 Chakras are areas on the body which hold concentrated energy. In this belief system, the chakras connect to essentially create highways through which the energy throughout the body flows. Think of the body as an energy field: each chakra soaks in energy and then helps the body to function optimally. Each chakra helps the body achieve balance and healing in different ways. Therefore, if one or more chakras are blocked, illness can occur and manifest in different ways. These illnesses may be physical issues ranging from headaches to blood disorders or emotional issues ranging from depression to social anxiety. Eastern philosophy believes that understanding each chakra and working to support it enables an individual to find balance and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Essentially, a blocked chakra stops energy flow in the body which “backs up” certain body systems depending upon where the chakra is located.

Chakra System History

The history of the chakra healing dates back to the ancient India. The Vedas, or the oldest written documents of India date back from around 1,500 to 500 BC. The Vedas contain texts of oral traditions from the upper caste of Brahmins who are said to have descended from Aryans who arrived in India from the north.

The word chakra was derived from the word “cakravatins” which was used in the text to refer to the wheels used by the chariots. The word cakravatins was also used to refer to the sun, a representation of celestial balance, or the eternal wheel. It is said that the birth of a cakravatin is a sign of a new age, and it is often depicted similar to a halo. It is also believed that the god Vishnu descended to earth and each of his four arms carried a cakra, a conch shell, a club, and a lotus flower. Chakras were also mentioned, as being used as psychic centers in the Yoga Upanishads that date back to 600BC. It was also mentioned later on in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, around 200BC. This is how the chakras were initially used together with yoga.

The rise of Tantric tradition also resulted in the growth of Kundalini yoga and the use of the chakra system. This occurred during the common era of the second millennium. However, the chakra system made its way to the west through the writings of an English author named Arthur Avalon. The book was entitled The Serpent Power, which was released in 1919. This, together with a text from the 10th century called Gorakshashatakam which provides instructions on meditating with the chakras. These texts have all been instrumental in providing us with the current knowledge that we have about the chakra system.

about 7 chakras

The Seven Chakras: Names - Colors - Definition & Meanings

This chakra is located at the base of the spine, or what some may refer to as the tailbone. It represents the concept of foundation. It is associated with the element of earth and is represented by a red color. When energy is properly flowing through the root chakra an individual should feel grounded and centered in his or her life. Additionally, this chakra is linked to survival issues including financial independence and food.

List Of The Seven Chakras

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About Chakra Balancing

When all seven of an individual’s chakras are balanced, he or she is able to bring peace and harmony into their life. Chakras may become blocked or function less than optimally for a number of reasons including poor diet, physical or emotional stress, and/or not being honest with others. Proper nutrition, regular exercise, good conversation, meditation, and connecting with nature are all possible ways to unblock chakras and assist the body in maximizing its energy flow. The better balanced the body’s energy highway, the more relaxed, centered, and productive an individual can become. Clearing the chakras can take work; an individual must be dedicated on a daily basis to checking in on themselves and working to strengthen their chakras.

Chakra balancing helps to repair a damaged chakra so that it is back in harmony with other chakras. Since each chakra serves an important role in the flow of positive energy within the body, if one is blocked all the rest in the chakra system are affected. Damaged chakras can lead to depression, mental illness, physical sicknesses and other afflictions of the mind and body.

How Chakra Healing Works

Chakra healing works differently for everyone. The reason behind chakra healing is that there is a belief that if energy flows freely through all of our chakras then we are able to efficiently heal ourselves. However if this energy is blocked this can lead to disease that can manifest itself emotionally, mentally, or physically. Chakra healing can bring about feelings of relief, relaxation, and exhilaration although some people tend to feel tired and exhausted after a session, which is a sign that your body is just adjusting its energies. Negative energy is drained with each session, in order to help your spiritual self to detoxify.

Note: Opening and balancing each of the seven chakras will not happen in a single day, a single month, or a single year. In fact, it requires dedication and persistence to routinely tune into the chakras and assess how they are assisting the energy flow throughout the body. While colors, sounds, gemstones, and animals may help focus and support each of the chakras, the process of introspection and instinct, learning to listen to your body is what will become most important as you begin to harness the amazing powers of the seven chakras on your journey to enlightenment and connection with yourself and the greater universe.

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