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Ninjutsu Ninpo: Martial Arts of The Ninja / Shinobi

Ninjutsu (traditionally known as Ninpo) is a Japanese martial art practiced by the ninjas (Japanese shinobi) that includes military tactics, strategy and tactics of unconventional warfare, infiltration, sabotage, and intelligence specific to the feudal Japan.

The Ninjas were glorified by the film industry as the most ethical, most capable and most efficient spies that ever existed. The movies are not far from the truth. The Ninjas are trained in the art of Ninjutsu; which was created for the sole purpose of espionage.

Movies, however, have given form and definition to our understanding of ninjas. The minute we think of a ninja, we imaging a sleek, stealthy warrior, clad from head to toe in black attire, and extremely smooth in the way he moves and fights. A true ninja however, is way more discreet than that. In fact, ninjas are taught to blend in with the audience they are spying on. A ninja could be sitting right next to you in a café, ordering what seems like his much needed dose of caffeine for the day and you would not have a clue!